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With the total cost of a four-year degree and related expenses ranging from $77,840 to $240,640 (according to the College Board)... 
Find out how to get it paid for with effective strategies, get admitted to highly-selective universities, and become a top student.
Taught by a UC Berkeley (#1 Public University in the World) grad.
  • Get Admitted to Top Universities and Colleges with proven paths, without having to pay a bribe
  • Eliminate student loan debt, before you go, to make college free
  • Learn learning strategy secrets that enable you to remember more and feel more prepared for tests
Learn the secret strategies and systems that get top grades (As/90%+) and GPAs consistently from those who've done it. Learn how to learn, how to bring out your best performance, how to handle essays and much more.
Admitted Anywhere
Top College and University Admissions are based on being highly selective. It's actually simple as 1, 2, 3 once you know what they're looking for. Learn how we got into universities with less than a 10% acceptance rate!
Significant Scholarships
With all the news about the high cost of higher education, we'll show you how to get it paid for for free upfront before you even go. Learn strategies and websites that have gotten students $50,000 or more in free money!

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The Student Success Strategy Course Includes:

Section 1. How To Be Your Best

Lesson #1: How to Create Your Success
Lesson #2: High-Paying Career Paths
Lesson #3: Focus on the Positive
Lesson #4: How to A-chieve A-nything
Lesson #5: Attitude and Approach
Lesson #6: Successful vs. Unsuccessful
Lesson #7: How to Make the Best Use of Delays and Downtime
Lesson #8: How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Lesson #9: Peak Performance Lifestyle Habits

Section 2. Student Success Strategies

Lesson #1: Become an Active Learner
Lesson #2: How to Make a Master Study Sheet
Lesson #3: How Long Should You Study?
Lesson #4: Pre-Test Prep
Lesson #5: How to Handle Take Home Tests
Lesson #6: How to Make Essays Easy

Section 3. Enhance Your Memory

Lesson #1: Memorization Technique with License Plates
Lesson #2: How to Enhance Your Memory with Visual Association
Lesson #3: How to Enhance Your Memory with Audio Learning
Lesson #4: How to Enhance Your Memory with Versatility
Lesson #5: How to Enhance Your Memory with Storytelling

Section 4. Getting Admitted to a Top University or College

Lesson #1: Admissions Rate Motivation
Lesson #2: Admissions Essays
Lesson #3: How to Standout
Lesson #4: Scholarships and Grants

Section 5. Getting a Dream Job

Lesson #1: How to Get a Top Job
Lesson #2: How to Make Your Resume Rock
Lesson #3: How to Prepare for Interview 

Section 6. Certificate of Course Completion

Section 7. Community Support FB Group

Section 8. Learn How to Earn in our Affiliate Academy

Section 1. How to Be Your Best (7 lessons, $679 value)
Section 2. Student Success Strategies (6 lessons, $582 Value)
Section 3. How to Enhance Your Memory (5 lessons, $485 Value)
Section 4. Getting Admitted (4 lessons, $388 Value)
Section 5. Getting a Dream Job (3 lessons, $291 Value)
Section 6. Certificate of Course Completion (1 Certificate, $97 Value)
Section 7. Community Support FB Group ($1,000+/Yr)
Section 8. Earn Money Getting More Members ($1,000+/Yr)

Total Value = $4,522

Fast Action Taker Scholarship Discount = -$4,425

Continuous Learning and Earning for just = $97/m

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